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So guys ... tell me about it. Have a couple of basic questions .. depending on what type of person you are, duh.

~~~~I See It!~~~~
1) do you remember the first time you saw something/someone? how did it feel? do you still see them?
2) do you see guardian spirits versus regular spirits? some people have the power to see guardians as well as just plain spirits
3) do you like what you can do? do you wish it upon others?
4) if you could change one thing about being clairvoyant/a seer, what would it be?

~~~~I Wish I Could See It...~~~~
1) why do you want to see what others see, when you know of all the horror stories people have told about being clairvoyant?
2) do you know clairvoyants, or did you just randomly decide to join up?
3) if you could help one clairvoyant you know in any way, who would it be and why them?
4) if you could make yourself clairvoyant, right now, would you? why or why not?

There. Just thought I'd break the ice up. :)
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And then I forget to answer my own questions. Naturally, I go for the first set.

1) First time I saw something/one was when I was 10 and my cat Decker was dead. I saw her ghost get on the bed with me and fall asleep.. I thought nothing of it .. after all .. Decker always did sleep with me. I petted her and fell asleep. Woke up about 15 minutes later remembering she was dead. Decker was gone. ...felt very cold. Good feeling, however. Peaceful. And yes, Decker shows up a lot, particularly when I'm suffering from insomnia.
2) Yes, I see guardian spirits as well as normal spirits and ghosts. Particularly my two guardian angels, Nancy and Luke.
3) Sometimes I like what I can do, sometimes I wish I couldn't. I wish it on others that can handle it. A lot of my friends could never handle it, and I don't want them to be able to do this then.
4) One thing I could change would be to open the eyes of non-clairvoyants. So many people don't believe it, or don't believe in it .. and if they would just open their eyes and see for once, it'd help a lot.