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Ah. M'new here ;)

~~~~I See It!~~~~
1) do you remember the first time you saw something/someone? how did it feel? do you still see them?
Honestly, I don't remember ever being shocked to "see" someone. I grew up with it being normal (as normal as it could be for living in a religious household, my grandfather was a minister). It wasn't until I was in my early teens that I realized that.. well, I picked up on things other people didn't. Feelings, emotions, scents, touches. I still get insights to Shadowside, or whatever you'd like to call it. It's hard for me to see them, though. I've always been more of a senser than a visual.
2) do you see guardian spirits versus regular spirits? some people have the power to see guardians as well as just plain spirits. ::just grins:: I get glimpses of my guardians.. except one. I can see a dark shadow where Bosh is, though. I've seen Danny out the corner of my eye, or really quick visuals. Civ is more elusive, though. I get "mind impressions" of him most of the time.
3) do you like what you can do? do you wish it upon others? I do like being who and what I am.. but I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I don't think everyone is mentally able to handle the stress.
4) if you could change one thing about being clairvoyant/a seer, what would it be? I'd be able to see the damn things, as well as be able to know more about Shadowside. I hate being stuck in the middle. Oh - and converse. Talking, to me, would prove useful.
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