Lady Stardust (witchyrachel) wrote in sightleftunseen,
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why hello there

i am new to this new community. hello! i am semi-clairvoyant. i havent discovered all my power yet. but i sure as hell can feel spirits in places. sometimes it scares me. sometimes it doesnt. most of the time i only feel the energy of angry and saddened spirits. what about you?

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I get all sorts of spirits. Some are happy .. some sad .. some really, really pissed off .. it depends. A lot of times they reflect my mood.
yeah same here, they tend to reflect what im feeling. which most of the time is deep sadness. havent communicated with any for a very long time, though. makes me sad. i seem to have lost some of my ability to communicate with them easily.

have you tried to pick it back up? If you don't want to, chances are you won't.
i do want to and i dont. lately i just havent felt like doing anything, lol. someday i will though.